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Tranquility from Chaos

"Tranquility can only be found amidst Chaos"
Kurt McCaw (Me)
"A Gentleman is Simply a patient Wolf"
Lana Turner
"A young heart and an old soul how can there be peace"
Tupac Shakur

I am an educated, mature, patient, strong, passionate, caring, progressive, free thinking individual and a gentleman at all times.

I yearn to live and not just exist. This blog is everything I love: Beauty, Whiskey, Boats, Anything Inspirational, Music, Art, Poetry, Dressing Well, Sports, Comfortable Living and anything that is a pleasure for my eyes. As much as I love NSFW content (sex and sexuality is very much art to me). I may not have it on my blog but it is in my heart and my bed.
Nov 18 '13

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.  

One of my favorite Bourbon’s.

Only a true Bourbon man would take notice of the cork tops.  Each cork has a letter on it, that when put together to spell blantons depicts a galloping horse.

Gotta enjoy the little things